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Open the zip file, and you will find three files; an instruction file, a jar file called 'Sim-U-Kraft Reloaded [version here].jar' and a folder called 'Resources'.

Simply drag the jar file into the mods folder, and the Resources folder into the .minecraft folder, then you can play! Feel free to message me if you have a problem, and I will try to help you get it sorted Ash Jack Also, if you would like to receive an answer quicker, send an email: [email protected] Boring Stuff If you encounter any crashes, bugs, or anything of the sort, please contact me ASAP, so I can fix them.

this thread is just for lollipop 5.x m7wls (sprint) based on sense roms no need to S-OFF if you are on kitkat or less here or here if you are on the stock ODEX rom 1 - you need just to unlock bootloader from 2 - TWRP or any other here is the TWRP for m7wls(sprint) 3 - flash Super SU 4 - its time to flash Htc OMADM_SPCS 5 - install sim unlock 6 - Insert your SIM card, you may see this massage No Network Found but do not worry since your phone dose not say invalid sim card . now if you want to stop the annoying v DM crash massage flash the stock-Htc OMADM_SPCS .

tell now you wont see any signal , just scroll down to Available GSM netowrks ,then Search networks you will see a list of networks and only one that is available, chose it .

A lot of cops got their names removed from the data we get and some have been removed from our pages at their request.THAT HAVING BEEN SAID, a recent (August 3016) Windows Defender update continues to " -- even after a September 16 recompile seemed to temporarily fix that--I have checked with a binary tool and none of the actual executable bytes have changed, and it was never "compromised".If you check on Google, you will see many reports of false positives by Windows Defender for I have decided to simply remove the posted V1.6.1 version from this page to avoid Windows Defender scaring users about it (if you want to get the original zip file, or more info, please look under my Recent Announcements page announcing its withdrawal).Its better to relock your bootloader and flash the RUU rom so every thing works well and you wont see the No Network massage again .That's it ^_* it really works but, it didn´t solve my problem i guess my problem is not sim unlock i can not have signal for gsm it stuck in CDMA but in *#*#4636#*#* it shows up like radio turned off i want to turning on but i can not, anyway thanks I've tried your guide and elvisypi's guide, but neither work. When using the SIM Unlock Helper app, I get "OS Check Fail! ", but if I hit the back button I end up at a screen that states "Device verified, root available, sense rom (yes)".

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