David tennant dating georgia moffett

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant has been dating his on-screen daughter Jenny — who is 14 years his junior.

Pals say David, 37, and Georgia Moffett, 23, were seen together at his North London house last weekend — and that he has been visiting her pad in Twickenham, West London.

Two years ago Georgia's dad Peter told the he was pleased about his daughter's new boyfriend.

"It's great because David is a genuinely nice guy - and also a very fine Doctor Who," he said.

They seem happy and totally satisfied with one another's presence so there is a rare chance of them getting divorce.

David Tennant has announced that wife Georgia Moffett has given birth to their fourth child.

"It's great because David is a genuinely nice guy – and also a very fine Doctor," he said.

Miss Moffett has also appeared in Peak Practice, The Bill, and Where The Heart Is.

With his wife he has raised three children and has adopted one son from his wife's previous relationship.

He was born to Essdale Helen Mc Donald and Sandy Mc Donald.

Accounting his personal life, he now is a married man.

The former Doctor Who star revealed that they have a new baby daughter during a radio interview with Christian O'Connell on Tuesday. The couple, who met while filming an episode of the BBC show, already have two children together, Olive and Wilson.

When asked about his ‘growing brood’, the 44-year-old replied: “I know, number four has arrived, yeah.” O’Connell added: “Wow, what is it, like The Waltons round there at The Tennant household? Moffett gave birth to son Ty when she was 17-year-old, with Tennant later becoming his legal father.

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