Documents required for validating the caste certificate

Caste Certificate Caste certificate issued by Govt.

No.36011/1/2012- Estt.(Res.) dated 8th October 2015 providing that where a candidate belonging to a Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Classes is unable to produce a certificate from any of the prescribed authorities, he/she may be appointed provisionally on the basis of whatever prima-facie proof he/she is able to produce in support of his/her claim subject to his/her furnishing the prescribed certificate within a reasonable time and if there is genuine difficulty in his/her obtaining a certificate, the appointing authority should itself verify his/her claim through the District Magistrate concerned. What are the points/facts/factors taken into account by the competent authority while issuing residence/ domicile and caste/Tribe certificates? What is the procedure adopted for verification of antecedents and claims of the applicants before issue of such certificates and how the place of permanent abode of the applicant is ascertained? What are the guidelines that have been issued to the appointing authorities in regard to scrutiny and verification of caste certificates of candidates at the time of their entry into Government service? Whether the Government contemplates to draw a permanent mechanism to look into the anomalies that have crept into the whole procedure of issuance, verification and cancellation of SC/ST certificates and also for initiating disciplinary and penal action against holders/producers of the false caste certificates?

Admission to each of the various categories would require the applicant to submit certain document along with his/her application.

Details of the Certificates to be attached are listed.

"For example, the Meghwal community from Gujarat stayed back in Mumbai.

Then an individual had to verify the acknowledgement copy to complete the process for tax returns.

The copy of ITR-V was needed to be sent to Bangalore for verification purposes and thus the procedure of paying out tax returns was very long.

Try out the Virtual Legal Assistant to take your notes as you use the website, build your case briefs and professionally manage your legal research. 21 There cannot be any dispute in view of the Judgments so referred by the parties with the inquiry that the Applicants are from Tribal Community and for that they have to prove/establish the affinity to his original Scheduled Tribe. But, at the same stroke, the genuine cases of the Applicants/people from the "Thakur" Scheduled Tribe Community, cannot be deprived of their rights merely because they failed to produce documents of the restricted area and/or evidence in support of their case, as done in most of the cases we have heard finally. 494 ssm 19 wp7343.13Maharashtra and not following the tribe's culture because of generation gap, they do not loose their rights to claim the tribe certificates in accordance with law.

Also try out our Query Alert Service and enjoy an ad-free experience. Dineshkumar Bagul, Age- 20 years, Occu- Education, R/o. 14, Jamin Apartment, Bodhale Nagar, Nashik-Pune Road, Nashik-11, District Nashik. Petitioner 2/51 ::: Downloaded on - 11/03/2014 ::: ssm 3 wp7343.13Vs. 22 The person and their family who have left their original area long back and living in some other parts of the State of 9 2010(2) Mh. The person's present residence is not the sole criteria.

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