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When I started working at How About We, I was baffled to learn that one of the biggest complaints the site gets is that we don’t yet have a “sort by height” feature.

I seriously couldn’t see the use for such an option, and yet we get requests about it (from coworkers, even! For some women, a guy’s height is just as important as his political affiliations, religious views, and educational background. At 5’1, most guys are taller than I am, so I’ve never been in the awkward situation of having to peer down at my date. So when talking about him I dont get that gushy, proud feeling of ohhhh new crush!

The episode in the show where Bevers throws out all her BBB coupons because they’ve expired actually happened to Abbi with an old roommate.

“We’re not supposed to say [that the coupons don’t expire] anymore,” says Abbi.

’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have already graced the cover of New York Magazine in a sweater for two, and stormed our pages with tales of subway farts and the sweaty mishegoss that is living in this crazy town.

But the two days they spent with New York — at dinner at ABC Kitchen, the Cut’s fashion party at the Gramercy Park Hotel, and coffee in Greenpoint — yielded far more goodness, laughs, and stray observations than could fit in any one magazine feature. Abbi’s roommate’s terrible boyfriend who never leaves their apartment, played by John Gemberling, is named after Abbi’s best friend, Jess Bevers, who just moved to Belgium.

My co-worker (sheepishly, after some coercion) confessed that she won’t date a guy under 5’11” (she did allow that she’d make exceptions for a guy who was perfect in every other way.) Another friend won’t go under 5’9″. Do they deal with the same height prejudice as their heterosexual counterparts?

According to a gay friend: I’m a solid 6′, so for me, I won’t date anyone who is under 5’10ish. –that sometimes seem to be impossible to find in a mate, so it seems like a shame to add another arbitrary attribute to the list.

Tanya spilled the tea that she was not sure who the baby’s daddy was of her second child and through a paternity test, confirmed Nico was the daddy.

Tanya and the father of her first child (who were in a relationship when Tanya cheated and got pregnant) broke up after it was discovered he was not the father.

On the show, Tanya announced that she’s pregnant again with her third child and Nico is the father.

There are two types of people in the world: those who will date short guys, and those who won’t.

I am firmly in the former camp, and have a really hard time understanding why a completely arbitrary value, like , has become a deal-breaker for so many.

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