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Barack Obama seriously dated several women before meeting Michelle, and none of them were African-American, according to the author of one of the definitive books about the former president.Christopher Andersen, who wrote "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage," appeared on "TMZ Live" just after excerpts from another book -- "Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama" -- were released, saying he twice proposed to a woman before meeting Michelle. reports that, "He shares for the first time the story of a woman Obama lived with and loved in Chicago, in the years before he met Michelle, and whom he asked to marry him.

In fact, Sheila says she only declined his first proposal because her mother thought she was still too young at just 23 years old.

So what can a new biography reveal about the former POTUS?

Barack's first lady — and no, we don't mean Michelle Obama!

Andersen says Obama, who had big political aspirations early on, recognized the value of marrying a black woman, although he's quick to add the love between Barack and Michelle is real and profound.

Michelle Obama almost wasn't our first lady, because love is no joke.“Rising Star,” a new biography about former President Barack Obama written by David Garrow, provides intimate details of a relationship he had with a woman in Chicago in the years before he met Michelle.

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