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Women in architecture have been documented for many centuries, as professional (or amateur) practitioners, educators and clients.Since architecture became organized as a profession in 1857, the number of women in architecture has been low.It has also been suggested that she tutored Sir Christopher Wren.Wilbraham had to use male architects to supervise the construction work.In Britain, there is evidence that Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham (1632–1705) studied the work of the Dutch architect Pieter Post as well as that of Palladio in Veneto, Italy, and the Stadtresidenz at Landshut, Germany.She has been put forward as the architect of Wotton House in Buckinghamshire and of many other buildings.

Join us as we explore the influences of Romanian, Hungarian and German cultures that existed side-by-side for hundreds of years.The culture was initially named after the village of Cucuteni in Iași County, Romania. Burada, after having seen ceramic fragments in the gravel used to maintain the road from Târgu Frumos to Iași, investigated the quarry in Cucuteni from where the material was mined, where he found fragments of pottery and terracotta figurines.Burada and other scholars from Iași, including the poet Nicolae Beldiceanu and archeologists Grigore Butureanu, Dimitrie C.The purpose of burning these settlements is a subject of debate among scholars; some of the settlements were reconstructed several times on top of earlier habitational levels, preserving the shape and the orientation of the older buildings.One particular location, the Poduri site in Romania, revealed thirteen habitation levels that were constructed on top of each other over many years.

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