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Hey everyone, I am running SQL Server 2000 (local) and have a Pervasive database on another server setup as a linked server. However, I have been getting an error message when I try to use the OPENQUERY function on the UPDATE statements.

I need to update a Pervasive table using a join on a local table in a SQL Server stored procedure. It says "could not fetch a row using a bookmark OLE DB provider".

Auswahltyp='2' and c.[gelöscht]=0 and c.[Mietzeit bis]update openquery(MYSQL, 'select * from My SQL-Database.As you proceed, remember that updating data is not the same process as entering new data.For information about entering new data in a database, see the article Add one or more records to a database.In addition, those objects must adhere to a set of design principles or the database will either work poorly or fail altogether.In turn, those design principles affect how you enter data.

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