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And then, after I got it is when I found out the whole extent of who I was going to be playing, and I was super excited about it, to say the least. No matter what, I’m always going to do the best that I can with it. The show has been really strong with each episode, this season. When I read them, I’m like, “Oh, my god, I can’t believe Thea did that! As far as what I’ve been most surprised by, Wednesday’s episode has a lot of fun stuff. What can you say to tease Episode 13, and what the events in it will mean for your character? She ends up in a pretty dark place where she has no idea what to do. A woman scorned is bad enough, but an assassin scorned seems really, really bad. What do you think rejoining the League of Assassins would do to Sara?

“We’re taking it from a really cool origins aspect: He’s not the billionaire CEO yet, but seeing what Curtis has to go through to become a superhero like Mister Terrific.” Mr. He’s just a person who is out here helping Team Arrow, and he happens to be gay.

“I’ve definitely looked to Michael Holt in the comic books for inspiration into how I was going to play him,” he tells New Now Next.

“[But] I like that I have the free reign to go places that are different…

The actor said he could not accept the invite because of the treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government. As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes," he wrote to the director of the St. "However, as a gay man, I must decline," he wrote."I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government," Miller continued.

"The situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly."He added that "if circumstances improve, I'll be free to make a different choice." Miller did not discuss his personal life any further, or comment on his relationship status.

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And I think comic book fans will actually like where we go.” In the comics, for example, Holt is heterosexual—and haunted by the death of his wife.

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