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“The Newsroom” actress was hardly ill-prepared for this role as team scapegoat.After all, only one season earlier, ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, a Packers beat writer, gave credence to this theory in a column titled, “Five reasons why Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling.” And back when Jessica Simpson was still with Tony Romo, it was she and not Romo who shouldered the blame in Arlington when America’s Team suffered embarrassing division losses.Then, her brand new single “Dance Like We’re Making Love” dropped on Tuesday and provided the perfect soundtrack for her big relationship comeback.Not only are the singer's fans overjoyed about her latest love connection, but they’re also having a little fun with her ex, who was rumored to have cheated on her while they were engaged and she was pregnant.

” questioned the The Boys Blog, a former top Cowboys fan site, in a December 2007 post after Romo’s 10-6 loss to the Eagles.

No, the blame did not belong to the Seahawks' defense that ceded 36 points to NFL MVP candidate Matt Ryan and his dynamic arsenal of weapons.

All victims of undeserved blame for a poor sports outcome. Falcons: Picks, predictions, odds Ciara fell prey to the sexism that pervades today’s football media culture within minutes of the Seahawks’ crippling playoff loss to the Falcons last weekend.

Do you love Ciara and Wilson together as much as we do?

The “I Bet” singer was on our wish list of women we want to see win at love. Are her fans doing too much by rubbing it in Future's face?

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