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Brought up in a music loving home, Mario had his eyes set on becoming a singer ever since he was four years old.

Since his entrance into the music scene, the singer has recorded four studio albums, seventeen singles and over a dozen music videosーmost of which ended up charting in the United States.READ MORE In the ongoing drama that has turned into the life of Bill Cosby, yet another sexual assault accuser of his has just gotten shut down in court, after a Massachusetts judge dismissed her case. READ MORE After a car accident near the Las Vegas strip, Joe Jackson was taken to the hospital.Here’s What Happened: Law enforcement shared with TMZ that Joe Jackson, Michael Jackosn’s father, was a passenger in a black Jaguar ?I’d say it’s evolving, like everything else, things come back around.I think a lot of R&B artists out now are taking advantage of the fact that things are more urgent.

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